TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Group, Head Quartered in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh with Principal Businesses Include TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Technologies, TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Consulting & Outsourcing, TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Industries and TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Mobile. Passionately Founded with Great Vision to establish a Vast array of Diverse Products & Services.

The Cutting Edge Co-Developer of Various Core Banking Products, Mobile Applications & Various Services, TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Continuous to break new ground with most economical offerings.

TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Group, a Growing Information, Communication & Technology Partner Providing Top-Class Business Consulting, Information Technology & Communication Services Powered by a Pool of Talented IT & Consulting Professionals Across Enterprise Solutions, Client Relationship Management, BI, Digital Convergence & Infrastructure Management – Among Other Capabilities.

At TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Group, we Committed to providing Tailor-Made Applications & Services to our Clients that Greatly enhance their efficacy and Profitability. Honesty & Integrity are the Keys to Building the Working Relationships necessary to achieve these Goals. We constantly Put Significant Efforts & Investments via our CREs and Solution labs to help customers Demonstrate Future – Today.

TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Group Companies are known for Products and Services that augment know-how & existence. Through TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Group & It’s Operating Companies, we are equally dedicated to our commitments which extends to helping fostering better educational systems, supporting the Arts & Culture, Protecting and Improving the Environment and Encourage Employee Volunteerism.

Our Strategic Philanthropy and CSR Efforts are aligned to our Key Business and focus on three distinct areas – Arts & Culture, Technology and the Environment with Particular Emphasis on Education & Better Living at each of those areas.

The Notion of Corporate Citizenship is deeply embedded in the Culture of TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Group. We are Proud of the Programmes and Partnerships that have touched the lives and of TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Group Employees who have given generously of themselves in support of our Goals.

Sharing Profits & Efforts

Every Year, TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Group asides a Fixed Portion of Its Profits for Spreading Smiles in Lives Across the Spread, through a Comprehensive Community Welfare & Development Programme. About 1/4th of the Community Development Funds are Spend on Support & Education Systems.

TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Group has a Concerted Social Responsibility Programme to Partner Communities in Education, Health, Environment and Empowerment of Women & Other Marginalized groups. TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES and Our Group Companies has always been in the forefront in times of Emergencies, as well as Value Additions.

Besides Focusing Primarily on the Welfare, TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Group also aims at developing Techno-Economically viable and Environment Friendly Products & Services for the Benefit of Future Communities.

Partners & Programmes

TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES and It’s Group Companies are Happy to Partner with any Communal Programme and Partner to Promote Best Activities benefiting Life and Technology. Please Write to Community@TOOSER TECHNOLOGIESGroup.Com to know More or Partner with The TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES group.

Investor Relations

TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Group is a Company that Inspires & Fulfils Curiosity, and our Vision is to Use our Unlimited Passion for technology, Content & Services to Deliver Ground Breaking Stimulation and Pursuit, as Only TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Can.

With Honesty & Integrity, TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Group Strives to create possessions for every kind of Imagination. In So Doing, the Company will continue to Expand in Emerging Markets, Develop New Businesses, and Accelerate Innovation, all to generate New value to Investors and New Experiences for Clients. For More Information, Please write to Accounts@TOOSER TECHNOLOGIESGroups.Com